Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vorfahrt gewähren!

= Yield!
(right: one of the pics used on the theoretical test which I took)

"Rechts vor Links" (right before left) is a mantra for those learning to drive in Germany -- because they have more uncontrolled intersections than we do, and unlike in the states people actually tend to follow the rules, this one is actually important.

An American license is only valid for 6 mo. upon entry into Germany, after which it must be transcribed, the process for which varies in difficulty depending on the US state where you license was issued. Out of MN only the theoretical test was required -- however even this was rather tricky, and filled with tricky questions regarding weight limits, indicators for various specific car problems, myriad signs, and how to react in specific situations. A far cry from what is required in the US. Seeing as I need to be able to drive for work, it was worth the hassle, and even though they took my old license... it expires in March anyway, so I will be able to simply replace it.

Immediately following my last entry I started a 3 week block of school, during which, aside from studying for and taking the drivers test and going to school, included 2 trips to Berlin (one to see these American friends (Lea and Kurt):
...the second trip (deep breath in...) was largely on behalf of my teacher (and leader of the trip our cultural exchange group is planning to Mozambique in August) who was unhappy with how a public forum on basic education in Africa was organized largely because we didn't get any donor leads for our trip and wanted to express himself in person to the organizers, who, as it turns out are only bitches for the Federal Department of Economic Cooperation and Development next door. (whew).

...oh, and I moved. Away from my suburb and home of 2.5yrs and into the city and closer to work. I'm now in a place I found online with a 30-something guitar teacher and a girl my age in the computer design industry. Both nice, quiet, low maintenance. Pics and more details will follow as soon as the boxes have been unpacked and my desk (still in slow process in the shop) is finished and delivered. Katja is moving as well. Just down the street as it happens. She has been spending the week (using vacation time) to lug boxes, paint, and chase down furniture. The last push in on Saturday when we rent a van and drive through the city picking up the furniture she's found at Ikea and on Ebay -- it won't be very relaxing.

Moving and work
and private projects
hectic now, but
On the bright side,
it's getting lighter:


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